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18 Jun 2015

A 200-acre area of open countryside at Bignall End has been dropped from Staffordshire’s minerals plan – to the joy of villagers and Newcastle’s MP Paul Farrelly who fought a concerted campaign to safeguard it from coal mining.
06 Feb 2015

CONTROVERSIAL plans for an opencast coal mine on 200 acres of farmland at Bignall End have been dropped following a two-year campaign of opposition by villagers supported by Newcastle’s Labour MP Paul Farrelly.
11 Apr 2014

Newcastle’s Labour MP Paul Farrelly has called on Energy Minister Michael Fallon and the Chief Executive of cash-strapped UK Coal to scrap plans for a controversial opencast coal mine at Great Oak in the village of Bignall End in his constituency.
01 Oct 2013

The Duchy of Lancaster has told Newcastle’s MP Paul Farrelly that it has no plans to exercise its centuries-old rights to excavate minerals beneath thousands of North Staffordshire homes.
22 Jul 2013

Town centres, including Newcastle’s, could be powerless to stop unpopular shops from opening because of controversial new planning reforms introduced by the coalition Government, the town’s Labour MP Paul Farrelly has warned.
18 Mar 2013

Newcastle’s Labour MP Paul Farrelly joined dozens of campaigners who staged a demonstration march against proposals to develop an open cast coal mine on farm land at Great Oak, Bignall End.
12 Feb 2013

Company chiefs have invested a further £500,000 in an attempt to reduce unpleasant gases escaping from a waste site at Newcastle which have caused widespread public protests.
15 Jan 2013

Villagers are facing the risk of a renewed environmental blight from plans to revive open cast coal mining in a rural area of North Staffordshire, MP Paul Farrelly has warned.
28 Sep 2012

RESIDENTS campaigning against noxious fumes coming from a North Staffordshire quarry have won the backing of Newcastle’s Labour MP Paul Farrelly.
19 Jul 2012

Community campaigners are celebrating victory after Newcastle Council’s Labour Cabinet announced that it is withdrawing seven green-field spaces from a list of sites for possible future housing development.
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