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15 Jun 2016

Speaking in the House of Commons today, Paul Farrelly urged that, backed by major employers in Newcastle and the country at large, Britain remains a member of the European Union. You can read the full speech here.
27 May 2016

In his latest column for The Sentinel, Paul releases the results of his survey of over 1,000 local employers in Newcastle who overwhelmingly favour that Britain remain a member of the European Union.
22 Apr 2016

Newcastle’s Labour MP, Paul Farrelly, has accused the government of breaking promises to Parliament and victims of press abuse to implement key Leveson reforms of press regulation.
16 Mar 2016

George Osborne’s eighth Budget conjured political rabbits from his Treasury hat, with an eye firmly on May’s elections, while tightening austerity in the face of slower economic growth and shaky debt and deficit forecasts, according to Newcastle’s MP Paul Farrelly.
09 Mar 2016

Paul Farrelly joined Stoke MPs’ calls for a committed government strategy to support ceramics in House of Commons debate.
22 Feb 2016

Labour MP Paul Farrelly has said that Britain’s prosperity, security and standing in the world will hang in the balance when the country votes on whether to remain a member of the European Union in the referendum on 23rd June.
15 Feb 2016

Newcastle’s Labour MP Paul Farrelly wore a special Valentine’s Day Green Heart on his lapel showing his commitment to the campaign to clean up Britain’s climate.
11 Feb 2016

Labour MP Paul Farrelly has accused the government of blatant bias after it handed hundreds of millions of pounds to some of the wealthiest Conservative councils to ease the pain of spending cuts – but offered nothing to Labour-run local authorities like Newcastle and Stoke.
02 Feb 2016

Newcastle’s Labour MP, Paul Farrelly, has added his voice to the chorus of criticism over the government’s raid on women’s pensions, worth £30 billion to the Treasury’s coffers.
28 Jan 2016

Paul Farrelly, Labour’s MP for Newcastle-under-Lyme, has launched a consultation on Britain’s membership of the European Union with the local business community.
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