Paul puts the brakes on speeding drivers

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09 Mar 2009
Speed warnings have been put in place to combat dangerous driving through Alsagers Bank - and into Halmer End, Scot Hay and Miles Green - after a three-year campaign by Paul.

Earlier this year, Paul switched on an electronic speed warning sign on High Lane at the entrance to Alsagers Bank.

The sign, which has cost £10,000, flashes a warning to drivers if they are breaking the 30mph speed limit.

The County Council have also now painted two big ‘slow’ signs on the bank from the Gresley Arms to Halmer End following a serious road accident there last year.

At Paul’s request, residents have also been given wheelie bin stickers displaying the 30mph limit, as in other areas.

“Speed is a real menace in our local villages. My son was nearly hit by a dangerous driver right here a few years ago,” Paul said.

“Local residents want action after all the accidents and for me this is just the start,” he added.

Now Paul is pushing for:

•    20mph limits as part of a ‘Safer Routes to School’ scheme

•    Speed camera signs with a camera patrol linking monitored routes in Knutton and Betley

•    A community speedwatch scheme – despite Newcastle Council’s refusal to help the police set one up locally.