Villagers urged to join community speed watch

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23 Nov 2009

Villagers plagued by speeding traffic have been urged, during National Road Safety Week, to become ‘Community Speedwatch’ volunteers in an attempt to make their roads safer.

Newcastle MP Paul Farrelly wants residents to use speed ‘guns’ to target motorists who race through the villages of Alsagers Bank, Halmer End, Scot Hay and Miles Green.

The Speed Watch scheme is run by Staffordshire Safer Communities Partnership in conjunction with the police and there are already a number already operating in the county.

Mr Farrelly has already held discussions with police and road safety officers and said that funds had been allocated to meet the costs of training and providing volunteers with speed detection equipment.

“Speeding is a real menace in our local villages and by training as volunteers local residents will have the power to turn the tables on dangerous drivers,” said Mr Farrelly.

Motorist caught speeding by volunteers are sent two warning letters from the police before further action is taken.

“Drivers’ attitudes are key and speed watch schemes are important in making motorists aware that there’s zero tolerance in these areas for speeding. Drivers need to know when their irresponsible behaviour is putting lives at risk,” said Mr Farrelly.

To launch his campaign, Mr Farrelly has now written to local residents in Alsagers Bank, Halmer End, Scot Hay and Miles Green urging them to become volunteers.

“Ideally we will get enough volunteers to operate an initial scheme in these areas before expanding it to other areas where there is a known problem,” he added.

The Speedwatch scheme is part of Mr Farrelly’s latest campaign for the area in his Newcastle constituency. In March, the County installed a flashing speed sign at the entrance to Alsagers Bank and – after pressure from the local school, too – is piloting a ‘Twenty is plenty’ speed restriction to improve children’s safety.

Mr Farrelly is now urging the County to make the 20mph limits permanent through the villages and to extend mobile speed camera patrols from Knutton and Betley through the local area, with warning signs to match.