MP calls for improvements in thrombosis services

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14 Mar 2014

Paul Farrelly, Newcastle’s Labour MP, has added his voice to calls for better awareness and improved management of thrombosis - a major cause of strokes and heart attacks in the UK. 

Earlier this week Mr Farrelly hosted the Westminster launch of a new report by Bayer HealthCare, supported by health charity AntiCoagulation Europe, which highlights the burden of managing blood clots on people, the NHS and society at large.

The report urges health decision-makers to place a greater emphasis on the treatment of thrombosis, with new figures showing that the cost of managing patients admitted to hospital with clots in North Staffordshire was over £465,000 during 2012/13.

Many of the 227 admissions during that year, the latest for which figures are publicly available, might have been avoided altogether with more effective management of the condition, the report said.

Mr Farrelly also met with patients and representatives of charity and industry to discuss the current position. Despite the potential of new treatments to reduce pressures on the NHS, many people with blood clots are still not offered the most up-to-date care, he heard.

Speaking after the event, Mr Farrelly said: “Blood clots can have a devastating impact on individuals and their families, and incur significant costs to the NHS.’

‘With five per cent of people in the UK likely to develop a blood clot at some point in their lives, more needs to be done to increase understanding of how to manage the condition and ensure services are designed to reflect what matters to patients.”

“Good progress has been made in preventing blood clots, so now is the time to prioritise better support and treatment so that health and quality of life can be improved in the long term,” he added.

Paul is pictured with Diane Eaton, Project Manager for Anticoagulation Europe.