Visits to Parliament

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I am happy to help arrange for a tour and apply for special permits on your behalf. There are, however, a few restrictions on tours of the Palace of Westminster.

Tours take place:
  • Monday and Tuesday: 9am-12pm (full tour)
  • Wednesday: 9am-9.20am (full tour) and 9.25am-12pm (partial tour of Lords only)
  • Thursday: no tours
  • Friday: 3.30pm-5pm (full tour)
One permit and one guide is required for every twenty people.

The Central Tours Office issue a certain number of special permits available each day. Once all the permits have been allocated no more will be issued. As you can imagine, it can be quite difficult to fit everyone in for a tour on their chosen date.

Strangers' Gallery Tickets

I am glad to help obtain tickets for the Strangers' Gallery of the House of Commons for constituents. Each Member of Parliament is allocated two tickets, about once a fortnight. As you may know, Strangers' Gallery Tickets for Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesdays are very difficult to get hold of. I will do my best to arrange tickets for Prime Minister's Questions, but it helps if constituents can provide a choice of dates, as far in advance as possible.

If you are interested in obtaining tickets for the Strangers' Gallery or a tour of Parliament, please [click on this link] contact and fill out my online surgery form, with your preferred dates.